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Yoga Therapy W/ Amy Wheeler

Amy and her colleagues provide over 800 hours of in-depth training in yoga therapy in the tradition of Śri T. Krishnamacharya and Mr. TKV Desikachar. Through its comprehensive curriculum, practical internships and individual mentoring, the training offers an opportunity for thorough grounding in the therapeutic application of yoga as well as foundational knowledge of the integration of yoga with allopathic medicine. Trainees will also gain knowledge on the modern scientific evidence of yoga as a therapy and approaches to integrate yoga with allopathic medicine. Graduates of the program will be equipped to practice yoga therapy in both private one-to-one sessions and small group classes.

Yoga therapy is an integrative and holistic practice of healthcare and wellness. It uses a broad range of tools to support health, promote healing and facilitate personal transformation. An ancient and self-empowering healing discipline, our yoga therapy is rooted in the Yoga of Patañjali, the Āyurvedic system of health and wellness, and the wisdom of the Vedas. Modern science has begun to recognize the value of yoga’s ancient wisdom as it is being integrated into conventional medical care around the world. Yoga offers an immensely practical method for improving  quality of life, psychological wellbeing, and joyful living.

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Since 2013 Starlilly Yoni Steam Feminine Wellness & Retreat Spa Ministries has been dedicated to feminine/male reproductive health and the teaching of indigenous cultural birthing & self healing practices. Starlilly specializes in the Herbal Yoni Steam. Sistar Nova Burch-Kafele, owner, is located in the Las Vegas/Henderson areas.
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An affordable yoga studio offering several types of yoga: ashtanga, beginning, power vinyasa, heated, kids, prenatal and meditation.


Housed at The Healing Touch Yoga Studio we have an altruistic belief that through yoga, meditation and connecting small communities the world can find peace. By opening your body, you begin to open your mind. When the mind begins to blossom, you realize that you are limitless.

I am Jordan Danielle Otero and I have been practicing yoga my entire life. Please join me in the peaceful crusade to end mindlessness.

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